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FreeMoney Sites

The FreeMoney stable of sites were created around the theme of earning and saving you money without having to spend anything to get it. We do not beleive you should pay for our services and provide them all for free. It all started in 2002 with the creation of Free-Money-Resource.com, then came FreeMoneyOff.co.uk and most recently FreeMoneySurveys.co.uk, FreeMoneyCashback.co.uk, FreeMoneyTrials.co.uk and FreeMoneyResource.co.uk. Please do visit the sites and feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or suggestions, you can find our contact details on each of the sites listed below.


FreeMoneyResource.co.uk is a guide to UK "free to join" money making opportunities on the internet. The site lists and provides reviews of hundreds of online money making sites including categories such as Paid Email, Lotteries, Surveys, Cashback, Books, Games and much more. The site was started in response to the many sites that would list opportunities but would say they were all good to try and get you to sign up to them. After spending several frustrating months joining opportunities from these sites it became apparent that there needed to be an impartial resource of information on them. Some sites were great and did allow you earn some extra cash, others were terrible and were simply a waste of time and effort. That's where FreeMoneyResource.co.uk comes in, providing the user with impartial advice on which money making opportunities are worth a go and which should be avoided. We have personally joined all of the sites for which we provide a review and give the user the right information to make an informed choice whether to join a particular site or not. All the sites listed are free to join and will hopefully allow you to earn a little bit of extra cash, some are bad of course and we are not afraid to list them as such. We do not list get rich quick schemes and any site that is deemed to be a scam will be included in our rogues gallery.

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FreeMoneyOff.co.uk is a UK voucher codes and offers site that was born out of the frustration of using other sites of this nature. Dissapointed with the wave of voucher sites that insited you "Click here to launch site and see the code" we decided to launch our own voucher site that shows codes and offers clearly without having to "Click to Reveal". All the codes and offers on FreeMoneyOff.co.uk are clearly presented with no extra clicks necessary. Another frustrating point about voucher code sites is the way they display expired vouchers, again, FreeMoneyOff.co.uk does not display any expired codes or offers.

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FreeMoneyTrials.co.uk list all the latest UK free trials allowing you to try products and services before committing to buy.

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FreeMoneySurveys.co.uk is a very simple list of the top UK survey panels. All the sites on the list have been joined and verified as paying and they all allow you to earn a bit of extra cash. Unlike some other survey lists you are not required to pay a fee, join the site, or provide any details whatsoever. Simply go to FreeMoneySurveys.co.uk and join the survey panels to start earning. We do no go overboard with lengthy descriptions or unecessary details and the site is not full of extra content, we supply a simple list of the best paid survey sites around.

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FreeMoneyCashBack.co.uk lists some of the best CashBack sites available in the UK. CashBack or Paid to Shop sites reward their users by giving you a percentage back every time you click through and buy from a retailer listed on the cashback site. This means that you can effectivley buy online for less. As well as getting money back for shopping, there are sometimes ways to earn cashback by simply joining up to a site or service. Either way, if you shop online then using a cashback site is a very good idea. We have personally joined all the sites and can verify that they are legitimate sites that do pay the majority of CashBack claims.



Other Sites


BaltiBoy.com is dedicated to detailing delicious vegetarian curry recipes specialising in using meat substitutes such as Quorn. Whilst there are plenty of Quorn curry recipes around, there are few that tackle this subject specifically, usually creating home style recipes that lack that special something. It is also disappointing that restaurants are not using meat substitutes and Quorn, they are definitely missing a trick there. This is why I have created BaltiBoy.com, as a place to list my own experiments with cooking curries using Quorn. BaltiBoy.com lists excellent quality curries for those that desire a restaurant experience at home. All the recipes on this site have been tried and tested many times and are guaranteed to be delicious. So if you are looking for something a bit more special in your vegetarian curry then BaltiBoy.com is the perfect site for you.